English Registered Charity No. 1062629
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About the Trust


"Barry & Martin's Trust" is an English registered charity active since 1996 between England and China in Aids education, prevention and care.  It was established in memory of the late Barry Chan. The Trust has held workshops on Aids education, treatment and care in various parts of China including Beijing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hebei, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Guangdong and Shandong, and it sponsors an Aids workshop website: www.hivworkshop.com

The Trust gives an annual prize in China - Barry & Martin's Prize - for excellence in Aids education, prevention and care. The prize winners so far include Professor Zhang Beichuan from Qingdao Medical College, Dr. Wang Chun from Yunnan Simao CDC, Professor Xu Lianzhi from Beijing You’an Hospital, Professor Gui Xien from Wu Han Zhong Nan Hospital,  Nurse Wang Kerong from Beijing Ditan Hospital, The Xinjiang Infectious Diseases Hospital and Needle Exchange Groups in Yining City Xinjiang, Academician Professor Zeng Yi, and Dr Zhang Jianbo of Peggy Health Centre in Dali, Yunnan.


The Trust supports hospitals in China for HIV/AIDS treatment and care. Presently it supports projects at theBeijing Ditan and You'an Hospitals; The Second People’s Hospital in Dali of Yunnan Province; Xinjiang Medical University Hospital; and Qingdao Medical College. The Trust donated to build the Peggy Health Centre at The Second People’s Hospital in Dali, Yunnan Province. It also contributed to build The Simao –Shanghai AIDS and Infectious Diseases Hospital in Simao, Yunnan Province.


It also sponsors Chinese doctors and nurses on training visits to England. Doctors, nurses and hospital administrators from Beijing Ditan Hospital, Beijing You’an Hospital, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine (now Chinese CDC), Xinjiang Medical University, Dali Medical School and hospitals in Guizhou and Sichuan have benefited from the Trust’s support.
The Trust also supports projects in Zhecheng & Shangcai counties in Henan,  directed towards people who have contracted HIV through blood donations - and children orphaned by HIV.

The Trust also supports the gay (MSM) community in China, especially through the sexual health centre at Qingdao Medical College, the Red Ribbon Centre at Beijing Ditan Hospital and the Quiet Garden project in Beijing You'an Hospital. It supports gay hotlines and websites in Beijing and twenty other major cities around China.


The Trust is an independent private charity with liquid assets in excess of pounds sterling one million. Its registered number in England is 1062629. The Trust accepts donations from friends and supporters around the world.
The Trust’s founder and Chairman is Martin Gordon OBE. The other Trustees are Nathalie Gordon, James Lewisohn and Eugene Chang. Its Director is Dr. Shisong Jiang of John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University.

The Chairman established separately "American Friends of Barry & Martin's Charity, Inc." in 2003. This has 501(c)3 status, enabling US persons to obtain the deductions on their donations. This company is independent of the Trust but cooperates with it in its work in China.

The Trust cooperates not only with other English charities but also with a number of major groups around the world. It has worked with English charities such as Voluntary Service Overseas, Save the Children, The Mary Kinross Charitable Trust and Elton John Aids Foundation. It also works with the Ford and Clinton Foundations, Yale University School of Nursing, The Australian Red Cross and Medecins sans Frontieres.



Barry & Martin’s Trust has organised HIV/AIDS workshops in Beijing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shangdong

Dr. Zhang Jianbo, Dali, Yunnan with the former US president Clinton. Dr. Zhang is the eighth (year 2007) Barry & Martin's Prize winner.

Barry & Martin's Trust has contributed to build Peggy Health Centre, No 2 People’s Hospital, Dali,Yunnan. The centre is an HIV/AIDS and STD clinic and outreach centre.

Doctors and nurses from Beijing Ditan, You’an and Tianjin infectious diseases hospitals having dumpling party at the Chairman’s cottage in Oxfordshire. B&M has sponsored more than twenty doctors and nurses from China to be trained in UK.

The Trust also supports the gay (MSM) community in China.